I homeschooled my own 12 children for almost 35 years, as well as teaching many classes for other homeschool students. I don’t know if that makes me an expert, but it certainly makes me experienced. Organized Ramblings is my look at that journey, and my suggestions for taking the stress level of homeschoolers down a few notches!

I actually started my writing career while traveling along our homeschool journey. With such a large family it quickly became apparent to me that typical textbooks would not meet our family’s educational needs. So, I set out to fill those needs myself. Yes, as they got older I did tap into other experts in and out of the homeschool community, but, especially when they were younger, I liked to do it myself. In the process of teaching one class after another, I found myself constantly having to develop our own workbooks, since I didn’t find what I wanted anywhere else.

More of the books I’ve written as part of our homeschooling should be available soon on http://www.creativelearningconnection.com/. Below I’ve just chosen a few samples, from a Weekly Lesson Planner I developed to a few of the various workbooks I put together.