Christ Our Passover Lamb

I have been a Christian for many, many years, and have only occasionally heard the connection between Communion and Passover, and even less often the connection between Christ’s death and Passover. This little study/booklet comes out of a desire to make those connections a little clearer for myself, and my own children. It includes the related scriptures, and two of my favorite “Easter” hymns that celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. I hope that it will bless you and your family as well.

Following Jesus From His Birth Through His Death and His Resurrection

It has been my desire to bridge the time from CHRISTmas to Easter with a simple Bible Study of Christ’s Life. This is a simple e-book I put together to help you do exactly that. I have organized 20 passages of Scripture, following Christ from his Birth to His Death and Resurrection.

Clearly there are more than twenty passages in the New Testament that could be studied, and you may choose different (or additional) passages for some weeks, but I believe this is a fairly representative set of verses to get started.

CHRISTmas Fun: History, Traditions, Scriptures and Hymns
This little book includes: A Brief Look at Advent and CHRISTmas; CHRISTmas Traditions Around the World; CHRISTmas Scriptures and Hymns; and CHRISTmas Carols and Their History.

It’s a great little resource if you are looking for more about the history and traditions of this important holiday.