Personal Note: I’ve looked at lots of authors’ websites as I’ve been working on mine again, and I realize that most of them seem to be written in third person. I tried, I really did. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t write mine that way. Third person is so impersonal. I’m hoping you’ve come to my site because you want to know a little more about what I’m writing and who I am. And this is who I am – down to earth, ready to have a conversation with you about some of my favorite topics! So welcome. And please come back. Now that I’m retired and writing full-time there should be much more to come (as time allows, of course!).

Welcome, welcome! One way or another you have found yourself on the website of Catherine McGrew Jaime: author, historian, lifelong learner,  retired homeschooling mother of 12, government club advisor, Mock Trial coach,  and world traveler. Recently retired from homeschooling my  own children, teaching classes for countless other students, and running a homeschool resource center, I am excited to join the world of full time authors.

I began writing when I fell in love with the rich history of Wurzburg, Germany, during an extended stay (6.5 years) many years ago.  Since then, my writing has included:

— of our travel adventures and the travels of others;

— of Da Vinci and of Lewis & Clark (and the unsung hero of their travels, York);

— to encourage homeschooling parents in the how-to’s and what-for’s of homeschooling;

— on topics of American government and Civil Rights;

— a guide to reading Shakespeare with high school students, borne out of many years of readings at with my own children and my other students;

— and countless other books!

When I was finishing my last year as owner of Creative Learning Connection, I was often asked what I would do with myself when I retired from homeschooling and running a store. My answer was always “Write more and travel more.” Those that knew me reasonably well wondered how I could possibly do more of either, but those who knew me really well would just smile. Come along and maybe you can smile too.