I love to travel!  It is in my blood, and has been since I was born.  I have taken numerous trips with various subsets of my family, and occassionally with friends or even alone (generally to teachers’ workshops in different parts of the country).

When I was nine-years-old my family traveled from the Panama Canal Zone through Central America and Mexico, through the United States to Massachusetts.  I kept a journal during the trip that became Stars Over Central America.

Almost forty years ago I finally had the opportunity to return to Panama with several members of my family.  From that trip came two books, Stars Over Panama, and the first book in my Horsey and Friends series: Horsey’s Adventures in Panama. And since then, I have been fortunate enough to travel through much of the world, including every state in the United States.


Because I like to travel so much, I also tend to blog about it fairly often: